The Sanskriti Is Because Of The Students

The Sanskriti affirms that a good school makes a good student out of a fair student but a great school makes a good student out of a not so fair student. Therefore, for us the litmus test of success is how narrow can we make gap between the last ranker and the top ranker. We firmly believe that all students are equally talented but they may need different kind of coaching.

Hence, we recognise the importance of meeting the unique learning needs of every child by providing a customized, supportive and respectful environment. A mentor-mentee ecosystem operates in the school under which a teacher is assigned to hand hold and mentor ten students of different classes, aptitudes and social/economic background. The mentor by acting as a friend, family member and confidante resolves the emotional, attitudinal and behavioural contradictions and enthuses a new persona in the lagging student. Also, through personal attention that appreciates children’s learning styles and differing abilities, by helping them cope with emotional challenges and by providing them guidance to select higher education options, their well-being is ensured.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on helping students develop essential life skills so they are better prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences throughout their life. Universal participation is mandatory in co-curricular activities viz. Debating, Elocution, Group Discussion, Speech Making, Word and GK Quiz, Role Play, Mock Interview, etc. It is also planned to provide specialized coaching to Senior Students so as to better prepare them for various competitive examination. At present Pre-Primary Section is operating from the city premises. The new premises at Kayam Nagar offer admission to I-XII classes with one higher class being added every year so that student may complete Secondary Level Education from their chosen school.

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